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Sacred Sites Summit

If you missed the First Annual Sacred Sites Summit, please mark your calendars for the Second Annual Summit to be held in 2022 (details forthcoming)!

First Annual NATHPO Sacred Sites Summit – Virtual Event

The Stars Align to Protect Native Places
September 22-23, 2021
8:00am - 3:30pm PDT/11:00am - 6:30pm EDT

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The time is here. In this historic moment, the stars have aligned – now is the time to work toward real solutions for protecting Tribal sacred sites. This event will be a powerful incubator of possibilities as we bring Tribes, legislators, and agency leadership and staff together to make change a reality.

If we and the earth are made from the same stuff,
our health and survival are linked to taking care of places.

 Connecting to place. While we work towards coming together safely again, we will offer virtual experiences to connect with the land and those who hold it sacred, grounding our purpose.

 What is. What is the state of current sacred sites protection in the U.S.? What is the existing policy framework and what are the gaps from the Tribal perspective?

 What should be. In a world where anything is possible, what is needed to close the gaps? What solutions would truly address the issues and protect places that define us?

Action. We will catalyze real progress by defining recommendations and deliberate, measurable steps forward for preservation and reconciliation.

Sacred Sites Summit Agenda

NATHPO invites you to be a part of this summit and the momentum it will create.
We want people like you there who can take the recommendations and put them into action.

Join the community of changemakers to help


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