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Community Job Postings & Available Internships

Job postings and available internships provided to NATHPO from you, our community, partners, and other Tribal & cultural resource organizations and firms.

Please provide information on our Contact Page and we will post to this page as they are approved.

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Links below will take you to the organization offering the job and the to the online application or pdf of application information.


NATHPO Opportunities

  • NPS through a cooperative agreement with NATHPO 
    • Short-term cultural resources contractor
    • Q & A Document
      • NATHPO and the National Park Service are continuing to review the proposals submitted in response to this RFP. Because of the sensitive nature of this matter, the NPS has been having internal discussions and is proceeding cautiously to ensure coordination with other departmental efforts.

The National Park Service (NPS) seeks the services of a cultural resources professional through a cooperative agreement with NATHPO to support the National Park Service/National Historic Landmark Program regarding Indian Boarding Schools and one Indian Boarding School NHL nomination. The contract is to be administered by NATHPO and the work prepared for and completed in coordination with the NPS’ National Historic Landmark (NHL) Program.


Request for Proposals/Letters of Interest

  • Check back regularly for more RFP/LOI opportunities!

Job Postings with specific deadlines


Rolling Deadlines - Some postings may be closed