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Discovery of Indian artifacts complicates Genesis solar project (04/24/12)
Gerard Baker, Top Indian Official at NPS, Retires (07/09/10)
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Obama Reverses Bush on Species Protection Measure (04/04/09)
Endangered Species Act Changes Give Agencies More Say (08/12/08)
Rule Change Would Permit Weapons in National Parks (05/30/08)
The National Park Service is conducting Listening Sessions
Audit Finds Exclusive Clubs 'Monopolize' Public Parkland (04/29/07)
Swinomish Are Told To Restrict Shellfish (04/19/07)
Save America’s Treasures Awards $7.6 million in Grants
Trail of Tears study to locate more routes (12/02/06)
Kinder Morgan proposes wells in Canyons (11/02/06)
Park Service to Emphasize Conservation in New Rules (08/31/06)
Kennewick Man Still Stirring Controversy (07/26/06)
Chafing at a Plan to Add Power Lines to the Landscape (07/10/06)
Looters still ravaging ancient Arizona (07/06/06)
Energy Corridors May Cut A Swath Through Wild Areas (05/26/06)
Study Finds Western Parks Exploited, Neglected (05/16/06)
Advisory Council On Historic Preservation (03/08/06)
Park Service Head Won't Drop Mission (12/16/05)
Poachers Looting National Parks of Treasures (10/24/05)
FDIC Statement of Policy Regarding the NHPA (10/18/05)
FCC Declaratory Ruling-Clarification Native Participation...(10/08/05)
Land Dispute Triggers Closing of Coastal Trail (10/05/05)
Rewrite of Endangered Species Law Approved (09/23/05)
Destroying the National Parks (08/29/05)
Controversy Over Plans for Changes in U.S. Parks (08/26/05)
An Endangered Act (07/05/05)
With Congress's Blessing, a Border Fence May Finally... (07/04/05)
Bill Would Reduce Government's Role in Protecting Species (07/04/05)
Rep. Steve Pearce Appointed Chairman of National Parks... (06/09/05)
Federal judge rules to halt CBM project (06/08/05)
Nez Perce battlefield becomes national park (05/25/05)
New Rule on Endangered Species in the Southwest (05/24/05)
Rushmore leader offers new viewpoint...(05/13/05)
Gas-Drilling Permits in Rockies Outstrip Ability to Tap Resource (04/28/05)
White House Nominations (04/01/05)
Governor: Devils Tower name fine (03/27/05)
U.S. Calls Entry Point in San Diego a Possible Security Risk (03/10/05)
Park Service Could Profit From ... (03/06/05)
A 3-Day Yellowstone Tour in Support of Snowmobiles (02/17/05)
Administration Overhauls Rules for U.S. Forests (12/23/04)
Federal Aid for Churches Is Criticized (12/03/04)
Plan May Keep Bird Off Endangered List (11/10/04)
Republican Sponsored Amendment Passes House (10/08/04)
FCC details historic preservation siting rules (10/06/04)
Park Officials Hope Mound Can Be Saved From Erosion (10/04004)
Army Corps Procedures for the Protection of Historic Properties (09/27/04)
Yellowstone Park Illegally Pockets Cell Tower Money (09/13/04)
Cell phone tower rules may loosen up (09/09/04)
U.S. Finances Vineyard on National Parkland (08/27/04)
Cross in Mojave Desert Preserve Barred (06/09/04)
Residents testify on Haleakala airspace (04/02/04)
Forest Service Dropping Endangered Species...(03/18/04)
Grant saves historic Indian School sites (02/06/04)
Feds sued over OK for drilling (02/05/04)
Coalition of ranchers, conservationists sue BLM (02/04/04)
Guard to take care with tribal artifacts(02/03/04)
Critics Say...Park Service...Letting Religion...Politics Affect...Policies (01/18/04)
The Height of Ingenuity (11/30/03)
Proposed Land Swap Controversy Moves to the House (9/15/03)
Report Probes Rights of Native Americans (7/18/03)
Park Service backlog unchanged (7/9/03)
Tribe members urge park service to OK land swap (7/9/03)
U.S. Can't Estimate Parks Repair Backlog (7/8/03)
Report takes no stand on controversial Cherokee land swap (6/17/03)
PEER against Bison Range transfer (6/10/03)
Some Noise Relief for Concord (and Its History) (5/30/03)
Omnibus Cuts SHPOS BY $5 Million (2/14/2003)
Government Report Says Wood Playsets Pose a Cancer Risk (2/8/03)
35 Senators Oppose Outsourcing Plan (2/5/03)
Report Concludes Snowmobile Ban Is Best for Parks (1/30/03)

Transfer Of Reagan Home in Question (1/27/03)
For Environmentalists, Victories in the Courts (1/27/03)
70% of Jobs in Park Service Marked Ripe for Privatizing (1/26/03)
Senate Indian committee will have first meeting (1/23/03)
The Law Loses Out at U.S. Parks (1/23/03)
Neighborhoods gain more say in placement of cell towers (1/21/2003)

Rerouting river water to farms caused massive salmon die-off...(1/4/2003)
Cross Creates Desert Storm (12/09/2002)
Sacred consultations (11/24/2002)
Yosemite Enlists Indians in Restoration of Historic Land (10/28/02)

Interior Dept. Revives Plan for Mine on California Indian Site (9/29/02)
As Thousands of Salmon Die, Fight for River Erupts Again (9/28/02)
Our National Parks: Why Are They So White? (9/27/02)

Administration criticized on management of sacred Indian sites (7/17/2002)
N.M. tribe challenges coal mine approval (6/4/2002)

NPS Culturally Unidentifiable Human Remains ... (6/3/02)
Pentagon Seeks Release From Environment Laws ... (4/30/02)
Pentagon Seeks Exemption From Environmental Laws (3/29/02)
Interior to protect sacred Indian lands (3/21/2002)
A Nation On-Line, But Where are the Indians? (3/13/02)
Energy bill debate promises to be heated (3/3/02)
Campbell bill to serve millions of artifacts (12/7/1999)