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The following online courses are being offered through NATHPO exclusively.  Prospective students must apply on the NATHPO website.  Once your participation is confirmed by NATHPO, you will receive additional information from the online course instructor.

NA107: Introduction to Museum Security

Date: February 4 - March 1, 2013
Instructors: Stevan P. Layne
Price: $150.00
Description:  World events continually remind us just how important security is. The FBI and Interpol databases record thefts from small rural museums and world renowned art collections. The prevalence of collections lost to theft is brought home to us with regular sensational newspaper stories. And then there are the internal thefts, fires, and collection vandalism that also result in loss. Security must be a priority for every museum, regardless of size. Introduction to Security teaches basic, practical approaches to protecting against threats such as theft, vandalism, violent acts, natural disasters, fire and environmental hazards. Topics include selecting security systems, determining security needs and how to build affordable security systems. Screening, hiring, firing, workplace violence, policies and procedures and emergency management planning are covered as well.

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NA101: Basics of Collections Management and Native American Military Collections

Date: March 4 - 29, 2013
Peggy Schaller
Most museum collections drive the public functions and activities of the cultural institution. Collections management is the physical and intellectual management of these items and plays a critical role in the museum's operation. In this course we will examine how information is collected and recorded for each object brought into the collection - a process called registration. Good paper records are essential before entering information into a database. Learn how database information is recorded and the formats for information retrieved from a database. Discuss how managing an indigenous or tribal collection compares to non-tribal collections. We will also examine the policies that govern what is brought into the collection, including the most important piece of institutional policy -- the museum mission statement. These policies are assembled into the collections management 'bible' -- the registration manual. At the end of this course you should have a clear understanding of how and why collections are documented in museums and the governing principles that drive daily museum activities.

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